Black Friday

by Trevor L



It seems everybody cares about the lottery
Anyone can win if the price is right
This is what's become of the American Dream
No ones really living, just playing make believe

And when I turn on the news
All of our worst fears are coming true

I've been gone,
Been that way since last thanksgiving
Cause I can't stand this commercialist plan
Feeding off of the land
And I know we'll never agree
But if only God can judge me, why do you still try?
I've mapped it all out and I think we'll make it just fine

I don't want a savior to wipe our pallet clean
I'm afraid he wouldn't want me
And I'm afraid of going anyway
And I know we're in danger, but what is undone is one step closer to life
At least we have to try

Eighteen and fearless, if only I could be
I'd chase my last dream, until it follows me

I've been gone since Black Friday
The darkest of them all
We can't possibly lose a nation to the few that could cause it to fall
And I'm counting all my blessings
Maybe you should too
The less time we spend in hatred
Is more time facing the truth

I don’t wanna wait for the world to end
And I don’t wanna sacrifice happiness


released November 25, 2016
Written, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Trevor Laliberte.
Special thanks to MECA



all rights reserved


Trevor L Auburn, Maine

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